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Geophysical Data Acquisition Services

Converging Point Seismic Field Quality Control

Our representatives provide data, information and advise to the best of their knowledge and experience. Our main objective is safely acquiring a data set that meets or exceeds industry quality standards. The high level of experience of our representatives means that they recognize problems and suggest solutions, with diplomacy.

The following list represents the most common duties and activities that are frequently expanded to accommodate particular projects or situations:

Prior to Startup

Monitor the recording of instrument tests for analysis by the system itself or to be sent to a third party for evaluation. These tests can include: line boxes, line cables, geophones, source equipment and source synchronization equipment.

  • Review contract requirements and program design to insure adherence by the seismic contractor.
  • Review permits to insure crew is equipped properly and will work within all restrictions and stipulations.
  • Scout as much of the program as possible to be familiar with operational or safety hazards.
  • Insure accurate parameter testing and assist in final selection.

During crew operation

  • Routinely meet with the Crew Manager and other key personnel to discuss anticipated operational problems.
  • Observe the actual data acquisition to insure industry standard quality.
  • Inspect geophone layout, source locations or patterns and line cleanup.
  • Provide a Daily Report of crew operations, including production, to designated recipients.

Abnormalities due to surface geology, urban or agricultural influences, weather, topography, instrument or equipment malfunction, human error and other adverse effects to data quality will be corrected and/or documented.

Upon completion of the project

A Final Project Report will be submitted that includes a summary of the project and recommendations. This report will also contain detailed parameter sheets, data examples, daily reports, test results, key personnel lists, safety reports, contact information and production statistics.


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